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EPISODE 6 - The Sunshine & Electric Show

The wait is over ! The ABC's cast is back in action. Streaming live at 11am on Saturday mornings on WRCR.com. This episode the team reintroduces themselves to the fans, and gets right back into providing you with tips, tricks and advice for all you  home improvement needs. Spring is here and that means its time to get those home improvement projects.

The team is back this week with a new episode. Despite some technical difficulties we have been able to get this episode to you with a few creative edits, and some digital magic. We have some great information to give you. Watch now !!

Special Guest: Larry Turco • Grasskeepers.com talking about foundations and the importance of selecting the right foundation process to save money on the project in the long run. Green tips, trivia and more check out last weeks episode.

Special Guest: Dave March  with Solarcity.com talks about going green with solar energy. Get some great information about the latest advancements in solar energy and find out how you could become part of the moment.

Special Guest : Ralph Spano • Adonadio Electric •

Special Guest : Anthony Donadio • Sunshine Heating & Plumbing •


Join us as we discuss various home improvement topics. Get some great information along with a little trivia and some great laughs.

Super Sport Saturday only happens once every 21 years but we didn't care we still came together to provide you with our priceless home improvement expertize. The team is just getting started but the show is really picking up steam.

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