Mike Asch began his career over 25 years ago at a plumbing store, where he worked so hard and so smart he ended up making more than the general contractor. Now a supplier of custom kitchen cabinetry, he brings a variety of experience from several different successful home improvement businesses he’s started and moved on from over the years, at one point operating a 6,500 square foot showroom.


Bill Barschow is currently a sales representative for Delfino Insulation, but he’s got a long history in the home improvement industry, Not only is he expert in residential and commercial insulation, he’s also a journeyman dock builder, a New York State certified home inspector and a certified high-pressure pipe welder. He’s also got a wealth of knowledge and experience in custom closet design, foundation waterproofing, zero-clearance manufactured fireplaces, mantles and marble surrounds and interior and exterior cultured stone.



Elizabeth Bushey-(The Cool Tool Girl) began her career over 10 years ago. Has worked in various areas of home improvement. Currently running a home improvement blog on wordpress and excited that the shows long  hiatus is coming to an end. Being quite a character Elizabeth is a self proclaimed expert on  tools and humor, or humor and than tools depending who's asking. She says " My fondest home improvement memories are of working with three funny, very smart, ruggedly handsome home improvement experts: Friendly Neighborhood Architect Lee Derario, kitchen expert (and actually, pretty-much-everything-expert) Mike Asch, and all-around industry expert and master of all trades Bill Barschow. I love the listeners. I love my co-hosts. I love what we all learn. It’s a great, great show, full of advice, laughs, and passionate experts.


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